Friday, September 11, 2015

Dystopia on the Horizon

Those Nations which boast their freedom the loudest, 
are silently the most enslaved (Author, 2013).

“They Hate  Our Freedoms...” 
(GW Bush, Address to US Congress, 21 September 2001).

From the recent gory events in the USA, it would seem to the average punter, America is finally if not belatedly unravelling at the seams. Homicidal psychotic cops shooting down brown citizens irrespective how high their hands are thrust towards the sky. The school massacres, the live broadcast of revenge murders, the slaughter of clergy, (not necessarily a bad thing), all of which is apparently leading up to a contrived bloody race war. Over-shadowing these endless spectacles of violence is the growing fear, the ultimate goal of government is to disarm the entire nation.  The Internet is buzzing with thousands of conspiracy theories claiming this gruesome litany of ‘postal’ episodes are little more than false-flags staged by a despotic government determined to completely disarm the citizenry in order to enslave absolutely the citizenry.  Video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook host hundreds of false-flag topic videos dissecting the latest ‘tragedy’ frame by frame, warning viewers total gun prohibition is a goose-step closer with each false-flag bloodbath.  Thus the cyber-world consensus is that none of the recent massacres, from the Sandy Hook slaughter, the Boston Marathon bombing through to the Charleston clergy bloodbath actually took place. These spectacular crimes were each staged by a tyrannical establishment bent on stripping the nation of its constitutional right to bear arms. Once the entire US civilian population is rendered defenceless then the clandestine FEMA camps will come into operation, and absolute enslavement will ensue.

Officer Slager  (left) having just shot an African-American in the back, killing him. The only reason why Slager was arrested, was due to a citizen secretly filming the psychopath.
I must admit the agenda to confiscate guns to prepare 250 million people for Orwellian enslavement appealed to me. After-all at first glance it made sense. Deeply traumatise the nation with repeated incidents of blood-spattered carnage and soon enough even gun-toting confederate ‘Rednecks’, dressed in their tattiest John Deere caps, will line up to surrender their weapons. Then it struck me like a blow to the back of the head from the butt of a Glock 40 handgun. Americans are already enslaved! Americans are already oppressed! In fact the ruling elites could not want for a more subjugated, docile, compliant, and indoctrinated herd of mammals.  Americans, as the ‘developing world’ so sorely appreciates, will slavishly invade and vandalise any nation at the snap of a congressman’s petite manicured fingers. Vietnam, Laos, most of South America at one time or another, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan  have each been victimised, or in US vernacular ‘liberated’ by that most enslaved nation of ‘patriots’. The entire population of the USA is literally at the disposal of the tyrants in charge who can annihilate any [weaker] nation on earth by simply corralling the ‘freedom-loving’ herd towards the borders of the latest designated ‘enemy of freedom’.

Who is the slave patriot?
Americans personify the perfect ‘slave consumer’ measuring the quality of their lives by the merchandise they accumulate over their lifespans. These eternal ‘debt-slaves’ are the fattest on the planet. Perhaps most fortuitously of all, for any bona-fide dictatorship, Americans remain mesmerised by their television sets absorbing most of their ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ through the living-room portal.  The most popular TV programs ingested by Americans continue to be dramas glorifying and lionising the more oppressive columns of the Establishment – the police, the military and judiciary. This has been a fixed trend in viewership for half of century. Again, a despot couldn't wish for a tamer herd of obedient patriots who actually find pride and glory in sending their sons to dirt-poor Afghanistan villages to hunt and kill peasants, who are so materially bereft, they have never seen a television.

Farting room only - the fastest growing industry in the US are jails.
America hosts the largest prison population on the planet, more so than China, a nation of 1 billion souls. An estimated 8 million Americans, including debtors, are harnessed in some form of penal bondage, 4 million of whom are warehoused in dystopian, almost subterranean prisons.  US Senator, Cory Booker, observed "We built a new prison every 10 days between 1990 and 2005 to keep up with our mass incarceration explosion of nonviolent offenders". Booker's extraordinary claim was fact-checked and corroborated by independent researchers. 

Only in the USA can a citizen forfeit his entire life for smoking a weed that grows in the dirt or worse still, stealing a candy bar from the local Wal-Mart. This unprecedented prison population includes 1000s of men who default on child support payments, irrespective of their indigent circumstances.   

The working-classes, who precariously remain on the outside of prison walls, are either debt slaves or wage slaves. Thus the working classes of the USA can be categorised as follows: prison slaves who labour for 20 cents on the hour or less, debt-slaves, who are owned by the banks and wage-slaves, who are owned by corporations such as McDonalds.  To become more servile and docile than they are, Americans would literally have to learn to walk on their knees with their heads deferentially  bowed and tilted in the direction to the Whitehouse.  I have not even introduced that other paralysing dimension of mass slavery – religion.

Ironically the only recognizable villains in America who are not being warehoused for life are killer cops. In 2015 alone, killer cops slew over a 1000 citizens, including children, the infirm and the aged. While in 2012, according to an independent injury prevention study, US police killed or injured an estimated 55 000 people (Perils of police action: a cautionary tale from US data sets: Injury Prevention; published online July 25, 2016). Then there are the thousands of innocent male citizens, who have been stitched by criminal cops for the last several decades. Every so often we read about an octogenarian inmate, who having being caged for 40 years for a crime he did not commit is finally exonerated.  The exonerated victim is celebrated nationally, while the maleficent cops, who framed him in the first place are never mentioned.  The innocent executed of course can never be exonerated with the same hypocritical fanfare!

The 'masters'  are not collecting more slaves or even seeking to tighten the shackles of predacious mercantilism upon the limbs of the body-politic, the appendages  of which, are so profoundly spastic they actually admire their overseers, while hating those further down the ‘chain’ of slavery. There is an agenda in play in Empire USA and it has little to do with the repealing of the constitutional right to bear arms, and by extension stripping the herd of their last and only means of resistance.

"Let Us Never Tolerate Outrageous Conspiracy Theories Concerning the Attacks on 911…" (GW Bush10 November 2001, Address to the United Nations). 

In 2001 no-one could have foretold the phenomenal success of the social networking and media platforms Facebook and YouTube, introduced to a world starving for alternative media in 2004 and 2005 respectively. With the exceptions of perhaps North Korea, the Amazon jungle and Afghanistan, every adult on this planet either has a Facebook or YouTube account or knows someone who has.

In theory these unprecedented media platforms can provide any one individual an audience of millions. Individuals, whether sane or insane, rich or poor, can in real time post any amount of data, media and information at little or no cost and thought at all. No futurist, no matter how prescient they may have been in 1991 or 2001, could have predicted the meteoric rise and universality of these information platforms. This development includes WikiLeaks, the much maligned and sabotaged World Wide Web wildcard by the ruling elites in the Anglosphere.

"The USA is the enemy of humanity" (Ernesto "Che" Guevara).

New Coke” was introduced in 1985 by the Coca Cola Company in its unquenchable thirst to dominate market share of soft-drinks. The “New Coke” marketing strategy turned out to be the worst business decision of the twentieth century. Consumers were so disgusted with the new recipe, they protested by publicly pouring the brand down street drains. Coca Cola promptly came to its senses and restored the original brand.  The New Coke flop has since remained the colloquial benchmark for suicidal commercial adventurism in the business community. Nothing, no amount of corporate self-destructive bungling could it seem ever surpass the notorious New Coke blunder.

Enter Larry Silverstein.

Billionaire realtor Larry Silverstein incomprehensibly acquired the lease to the World Trade Centre complex in 2001, shortly before the ‘attacks’. Silverstein, a Zionist Jewish American, has built a mercantile empire through property dealing, and is 2nd place in terms of his realtor ‘prowess’, to fellow Zionist and realtor partner, Frank Lowy.

The 1985 "New Coke" product release backfired on Coca Cola
forcing it to restore the original brand.
Condemned Cancerous Conspirators
When Silverstein, (with Westfield owner, Frank Lowy), bought the 99 year lease to the towers he, along with New York City, was well aware the moribund towers were condemned cancerous structures riddled with asbestos. Silverstein’s bizarre acquisition of the toxic towers must stand as a self-inflicted transaction 1000 times more defective than the doomed episode to replace an iconic brand product with “New Coke” (see Ken O'Keefe's WTC asbestos report 2016). Asbestos abatement alone of the Towers was estimated at a cost of some 3 billion dollars, rendering the ownership of the Towers into perhaps, the worlds largest liability in recorded history.

When asked why he purchased the diseased towers, Silverstein coyly replied “I’ve always wanted to own the towers”.  Ironically the best, or at least, the surest way to detoxify the sky-scrapers with their estimated 400 tonnes of asbestos was to pulverise them. Even this method of obliteration would have entailed enormous cost, requiring perhaps half of NYC to be evacuated.

Even though Silverstein's bid for the Towers was not the most competitive, he 'won' the tender; a process managed by his fellow ferocious Zionist, Port Authority Chairman, Lewis, M, Eisenberg.

Lucky Larry, as Silverstein has become widely known, ‘fortunately’ redeemed his incredible lapse in business judgement by enlarging the insurance policy on the towers to include payouts for separate attacks or "catastrophic events". The man was prescient, as the WTC was indeed attacked on 2 separate occasions by 2 ‘airliners’.  Thus the Insurers were subsequently compelled to shell out some 4 billion dollars to Lucky Larry. Silverstein, who had put up 14 million dollars of his own funds towards purchasing the WTC lease, was seeking 7 billion dollars  for each demolished tower (aSource - see CNN (2004) news item below.  In 2008 Silverstein undertook litigation against the airports / airlines involved in the 911 'hijackings' suing for some 12 billion dollars (b) (Source - New York Times 2008). According to a Wall Street Journal article, dated  18 July 2013Silverstein eventually failed in this monumental episode of avarice litigation.

NOTES a. The judge overseeing the original matter of Silverstein  litigation was a hand-picked Zionist Jew: in falsely projecting an environment of legal objectivity, Silverstein most likely grossly inflated his original insurance demand, allowing the compatriot Zionist judge to issue a discounted verdict, thereby muting critics, who would allege collaboration between the pair.

b. Silverstein's 2008 episode of astronomical  litigation may merely be an additional 'inflated' sham undertaken to further confuse critics and conspiracy theorists alike. Incidentally, compatriot Jewish Judge Hellerstein 'adjudicated'  the case. It is further noted: in both cases of litigation, there were a number of litigants in addition to Silverstein, who acted as the principal litigant Conflicting internet sources exist as to the exact monies Silverstein invested towards the WTC lease purchase in 2001 - different sources claim 14 million ranging to 100 million dollars. Additional sources claim Silverstein walked away with a cool 5 billion dollars profit, Even though SIlverstein partially reinvested the insurance payoff into the new tower, the collateral investment in the "Freedom Tower"  is owned by Silverstein outright.

NB: An accurate detailed chronological history of Silverstein's post-9/11 litigation is beyond the amateur  scope of this essay. Neither does this Author  claim to possess complete and exhaustive knowledge on the subject. Readers who wish to pursue this avenue further can begin here - a site dedicated to the topic. This site appears to provide a historic overview of the litigation procedures undertaken by Silverstein, however, its accuracy and thoroughness is unknown. 

Readers serious about further researching this critical aspect of 9/11 are advised to petition the same Manhattan courthouse for verbatim case transcripts. The general consensus of many 9/11 observers and investigators is Silverstein reaped a multi-billion dollar profit from insurance payouts; the highest award in history. This fact alone warrants abundant cause for criminal investigation of Silverstein and Lowy - cui bono, as the Romans once posed.

The Leo Strauss Fan Club
At this juncture let me explain, it is not the ambit of this blog to make a case against Israel and the many 100s of ‘ Zionist Jewish Americans’ embedded in and across strategic  political and managerial posts of the Bush administration before, during and after 911. The case against the US, Zionists and Israel has been overwhelmingly established by men far superior in intellect and credibility (see Dr David Griffin,  Greg Felton, Dr Alan Sabroksy, Minister Louis Farrakhan, David Chandler, Jonathon Cole, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, Christopher Bollyn, Richard Gage, Jim Hoffman, Daniel Hamburg, William Rodriguez, Mike Gravel, Stephen Jones, Jesse Venture, John Lear (son of Lear Jet inventor) and Ed Asner) . 

The angle of this blog is focused on the ‘tying up of loose ends’ by the Zionist perpetrators and their league of 'intellectual' conspirators. There are literally 100s of loose ends necessitating   tying-up, perhaps most infamous of all loose ends is the fact, at 5.20pm the same day, a 47 storey building (WTC 7 or the Salomon building) vaporised into its own footprint with perfect symmetry. Then there are the 2 miraculous intact passports allegedly belonging to the hijackers. These passports somehow survived apocalyptic fireballs, while one of these miracles gently fluttered onto a New York City side-walk. The same invincible passports have been exhibited by ‘authorities’ as testament to the tale, 19 Arabs, armed with box-cutters and Korans hijacked the planes.

One of the indestructible passports recovered on a NYC side-walk. Incredibly every atom, every particle of the 2 crashed planes vaporised! Clearly, the laws of physics were miraculously inverted on that particular day. There is no other explanation!
Although Lucky Larry had the 'foresight' to renegotiate the WTC insurance policy to anticipate multiple attacks, he along with his cabal of Straussian conspirators, did not predict the rise of the Internet and specifically its global information sharing applications. And because the Internet and its alternative media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook were not anticipated by the conspirators, they have been unable to mitigate the damage these tools have inflicted against their conspiracy. 

Clearly, the Zionist and neo-Con conspirators machinated a strategy for the ensuing government investigations and massive reportage by corporate media. The belated Zionist controlled (see Philip Zelikow, Executive Director), 911 Commission Investigation report was regarded by many as either a farce, or worse, and ergo more accurately, a fraud. This massive tome was so egregiously fraudulent, it completely omitted the fact a 47 storey building, Building 7, infamously collapsed on the same evening at 5.20pm, (ref Not One Word. WTC 7 & and the 9/11 Commission Report, 2010Dr David Ray Griffin, The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie, 2005; James McDowell, Official Collapse Theory Defies All Laws of Physics). Additionally, the same fat work of fiction claimed the 47 weight bearing columns supporting the Twin Towers at the core, were hollow structures unable to survive the internal structural damage caused by the impact of the planes. In truth, the massive steel core columns were specifically designed as load bearing structures for the towers. The core of the towers was in fact the most resilient and redundant building feature of the structures. (ref S. Jones, WTC 7.Net, 2006Dr David Ray Griffin, The Destruction of the World Trade Centre: Why the Official Account of 911 Cannot be True, 2012)

Comparable to the criminal omission of the suspicious collapse of Building 7, was the complete absence of Transport Secretary, Norman Mineta's crucial testimony concerning the highly suspect behaviour of VP Dick Cheney. On the morning of the Pentagon attack, Cheney, along with Mineta, was ensconced in a Whitehouse emergency operations unit. As the allegedly AA 77 approached the Pentagon, Cheney was asked by a Marine - the now famous "young man" (Mineta;s words), "do the orders still stand". Cheney "whipped his head around" and demanded from the Marine, "have you heard anything different" (Norman Mineta, 9/11 Commission Hearings 2003). Approximately ten minutes after this well-documented exchange, the Pentagon was struck, (source Mineta's Testimony 911 Commission 2003). Lee Hamilton, the Commission Chair, knew well enough to avoid the obvious follow-up question to Mineta's devastating testimony, by demanding clarification, for example, what exactly did the VP mean by his reply to the "young man". Nevertheless, Philip Zelikow, the Commission's Executive Director, withheld any mention of Mineta;s 'explosive' evidence, just to be sure (ref Gregor Holland, The Mineta Testimony: 911 Commission Exposed, 2005; Bryan Sacks, Philip Zelikow: The Bush Administration Investigates the Bush Administration, 2005).

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report into the mysterious collapse of Building 7 is likewise viewed with similar contempt, a flawed fraud of a document, full of omissions and “half-truths”.  The corporate media remain in the clutches of the chosen few, most of whom share strong ties with the Israel and US administrations.  Thus the fifth column along with the core of government were easily contained, leaving only the wildcard of the Internet and the millions of “tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorists” who refuse to accept the official story and Bush diktat it was the “Muslims”.

Bush's first and foremost obscene 'choice' to lead the 9/11 Commission was none other than the devil incarnate himself, the seemingly immortal Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger's blood soaked rap sheet stretches back to the mid-twentieth century. Kissinger's crimes against humanity are so 'plentiful', renowned author Christopher Hitchens, documented Kissinger's 'illustrious' criminal record in a book, titled The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Shortly after Kissinger's detestable and shameless nomination, Kissinger withdrew citing conflict of interest from his multiple tentacled links with political think tanks and multinational firms. Kissinger's Semitic successor, Zelikow, a life-long cadre of the Bush Dynasty, was no less sinister. At the closing stages of the 9/11 Commission, it was discovered Zelikow had authored the defence policy paper - The National Security Strategy of the United States, propagating the military concept of pre-emptive strikes against Nations that may pose a threat in some future time. Iraq was the foremost target of Zelikow's pre-emptive strike 2002 doctrine. Thus the toxic conflict of interest between Zelikow and his management of the 9/11 Commission was bubonic. Veteran New York Times reporter, Philip Shenon, described the appointment of Zelikow (reputedly a dual Israeli-American citizen) as akin "to putting the fox in charge of the hen's house".

The US Government has become so irredeemably mendacious and predacious, its only a matter of time before it cannibalises its own population, (best outcome), or immolates the entire world. (Author)

In terms of progressing an authentic investigation into the 9/11 crimes, this is the stalemate we are facing – a massive cyber movement, largely if not completely ignored by mainstream media, to globally denounce the real perpetrators, and by extension demonstrate to the wantonly ignorant masses, government (hijacked or otherwise) has been the primary source of evil wracking modern-day society.

We or rather ‘they’ are left with an ultimate conundrum: how are they to respond to the increasing cyber threat to their long enjoyed inviolability and anonymity? What are their counter-stratagems? As former US Marine Ken O’Keefe  and academic Dr Alan Sabrosky ominously warn: if Americans ever understand Israel was behind 9/11, she will be wiped from the map overnight!

How will Zionists  knot the loose end of the Internet?

The Worlds Most Absurd Conspiracy Theory:
19 Arabs with box-cutters, simultaneously hijacked 4 commercial airliners
and "exploded" 3 huge  WTC structures.

By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War (a commonly accepted translation of a former MOSSAD motto).
A counter-strategy by the Zionist conspirators has been to publish  media  designed to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories. One of the most prominent 'non-government' / private publications in defence of the official narrative of 19 Arabs with box-cutters, has of course been the magazine "Popular Mechanics" (see Benjamin Chertoff article March 2005 on-line edition). This 'outfit' also published a book on the subject 'subtly' titled "Debunking 9/11 Myths, Why Conspiracy Theorists Cant Stand Up to the Facts (2006)".  The 'novel' is little more than an inflation of the original junk article by Chertoff in 2005.

On the topic of Building 7 and its inexplicable collapse, the Editors of Debunking 9/11 Myths, Dunbar and Reagan, instruct the Reader how the structural integrity of Building 7 was eventually and catastrophically compromised by the phenomenon of "thermal expansion". The Editors go on to explain the steel support frames gradually expanded from the heat produced by the office fires causing the detachment and debilitation of the bolts securing the steel frames and support columns. At a shallow glance (i.e. ignoring the documented fact Building 7 collapsed at free-fall speed for approx 3 seconds, a circumstance grudgingly conceded by the corrupt NIST report, along with the observable fact Building 7 was afflicted by small isolated office furniture fires) this postulation seems plausible, but abjectly fails to explain (1) why Building 7 collapsed with perfect or rather demolition symmetry; and (2) no other burning building, let alone buildings undergoing small office fires, in history has ever experienced the same calamity of thermal expansion leading to catastrophic global structural failure. The thermal expansion argument also fails to account for the additional 'phenomenon' of BBC and several of its establishment co-broadcasters reporting on the collapse some 20 minutes prior to the actual collapse.

The notorious Israeli spy ring cover - Urban Moving -
the mural on the van's side is an example of Israeli dark humour

The publication "Debunking 9/11 Myths" is paradoxically mostly bunkum itself  lending further credence, through the desperate, selective and overall shoddy tone of the counter-narrative, to the suspicion 9/11 was indeed an "Inside Job". Another sample of its duplicitous 'debunking' efforts is its take on the correlating wing-span impact of the Boeing 757  into the Pentagon building wall. Citing Mete Sozen, Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University, the Editors scoff at the 'mystery' of how a commercial jetliner smashed into the side of the Pentagon without leaving a "cartoon-like outline" (p 99). They proffer a suite of fanciful notions why the impact hole is much smaller than the wing-span of the jet. The wings, according to the Editors,  likely sheared off prior to full impact because of the force generated by the initial impact of the plane's nose. Alternatively, the plane's wings were pulverised by striking objects en-route to the building including the ground below the point of impact, and in any case, again quoting Sozen, crashed planes don't leave "cartoonish" imprints. Yet when the Reader reviews video capturing the attack on the 2nd tower, He can plainly discern the impossible "cartoonish" outline made by the plane's wing-span irrespective of the simultaneous pulverising engulfing fireball. 

Possibly the biggest whopper (among many substantial whoppers) invented by the Authors of Debunking 9/11 Myths is their inexplicable and indeed inexcusable claim that:

                                      "Though Reynolds and a handful of other skeptics cite academic credentials to lend credence to their views, not one of the leading conspiracy theorists has a background in engineering, construction, or related fields. (pg. 28-29)" [my italics].

In fact the truth movement, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, boast a muster of some 2000 experts in a diversity of "related fields" including architecture, ordnance, construction, psychology, physics, mathematics, metallurgists, electronics, aviation and engineering. Again these rebuttals by so-called Debunkers are sheer transparent fabrications, begging the question who exactly do the Debunkers think they are deceiving? It is this Author's view the more prominent Debunkers across Europe and North America are remunerated shills whose remit it is, is to continually disorient the  general or mainstream public with blatant lies, as the same cohort of amateur observers, possess neither the skills nor initiative to challenge the lies.  In other words, the Debunker shills care little how easily their lies and subterfuge are repudiated by the experts, as their intended audience is the curious impressionable public orbiting around the 9/11 Truth movement.

A further massive Inside Job clue, Debunkers, pathologically ignore, is the fact the actual target site of the Pentagon strike was the civilian accounting firm Resource Services Washington. This same department was tasked to audit the missing DoD trillions, announced the day before by Rumsfeld. This documented 'coincidence' is so outrageously flagrant, only lackeys and loons alike, would dismiss such a blinding link. Former Secretary of Army, Thomas White announced how investigations into the missing trillions were hampered, because much of the auditing knowledge had been destroyed in the Pentagon attack with the murder of the civilian auditors. 

'That 911 Was an Inside Job is Common Knowledge Amongst Intelligence Agencies Globally' (Francesco Cossiga former Italian PresidentCorriere Della Sera, Internet Edition, [National Newspaper] 30 November 2007).

The Italians
Italian documentary film producer, Massimo Mazzucco, has by far, published the definitive 9/11 expose - 9/11 The New Pearl Harbour (2013). In his 5 hour long meticulous investigation, Mazzucco patently repudiates or rather debunks the 'Debunkers', who persistently counter with half-truths, distortion, disinformation and blatant lies to the 9/11 Truth Movement. These debunked Debunkers include the notorious and largely discredited crew from Popular Mechanics whose fabrications and falsehoods have become increasingly absurd as new evidence comes to light. For example, one of the grand fables, peddled by the Debunkers is that air traffic controllers (both civil and defence) were unable to track all 4 hijacked planes, because the hijackers switched off the transponders and hence the same planes could not be intercepted by fighter jets This is an outright lie as Mazzucco demonstrates with video interviews of the actual flight controllers, who explained, even with the transponders off, air traffic control was still able to track and identify the flights. 

What air traffic control could not identify, was the speed and altitude of those planes with disabled transponders, but the planes' flight path was continuously tracked up until their alleged impact i.e. swapped out with drones. 

Another massive myth marketed by the Debunkers is that cellular calls were possible at altitudes above 10 000 feet. This critical Debunker lie is pushed in order to account for the multiple mysterious cellular calls both passengers and crew were allegedly able to place at altitudes above 10 000 all the way up to 30 000 feet, while rocketing through the stratosphere at 500 mph. This claim is so ludicrous it should be ignored, however it has been bought by many observers. In response Mazzucco explains that even if cellular calls were able to connect from an altitude of 10 000 feet in 2001, the calls would drop every 3 seconds or less as the plane careened from cellular  tower to tower. This is because the signal handover from tower to tower could not match the speed of the jet above, and thus the signal would simply drop between the towers. 

Italian Nobel Laureate, Dario Fo, participated in a similar investigative Italian documentary titled, Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 (2008).  This production, directed by Franco Fracassi and Francesco Trento, was regarded as the definitive 9/11 documentary until it was superseded by Mazzucco's grand effort in 2013. Nonetheless Fracassi and Trento's version remains very relevant and is mandatory viewing for serious 9/11 researchers. The  undisputed star of the documentary, Dario Fo, methodically and mockingly deconstructs the official narrative, demonstrating the ludicrousness of how we are expected to believe a small impact aperture in a Pentagon wall swallowed up a massive 757 airliner in its entirety, while leaving absolutely no trace of wreckage. Dario does acknowledge however, weeks after the  outrageous fraud, images depicting alleged American Airlines 77 lawn wreckage 'magically' began circulating the internet in support of the government's narrative.

Metallurgy expert, Paolo Marini, (Italian Centre for Materials Development), researched the flagrantly conspicuous collapse speeds of the  Towers. Marini concluded the Towers, in particular, the South Tower, fell at free-fall, (Bridge, R; Incredible Inconsistencies and Bizarre Coincidences of the 9/11 Fairy Tale, 2009; and The Events of September the 11th, webpage). This incontrovertible and astounding evidence scientifically establishes the fact, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of structural resistance had magically vanished, thus permitting the buildings to symmetrically  drop, (and vaporise), in utter defiance of the laws of physics and fundamental engineering principals. If you believe this official version of events, please seek urgent medical advice.    

One of the most successful disinformation scams perpetrated by both Debunkers and the US Government is the titanic tale the Twin Towers could not withstand the ferocious impact of the planes, and ergo collapsed in on themselves. Coincidentally, this myth was inadvertently preempted by the Italian-American Construction Manager of the WTC complex, Frank De Martini. De Martini explained in a documentary interview several months prior to the attack, the Towers were designed "to withstand multiple impacts from passengers jets".  De Martini also perished on that day as he heroically remained inside one of the Towers to assist in the evacuations.

Information Charades
As one would expect a number of debunking internet portals have been developed to complement other Debunker media. The portal  -  911/myths - appears to be a prominent debunking site. Such debunking media should not be avoided by Readers. Portals and publications of this genre should be reviewed not for the 'merits' of its counter-conspiracy narrative, (it is unquestionably  merit-less), rather it should be studied for its shoddy duplicity, omission and distortion of 9/11 facts and forensics. This particular shambolic debunking project is pathetic in its absurd attempts to diminish and distort history, reminiscent of the crackpot science sponsored by the magazine Popular Mechanics.

CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre was at the Pentagon site shortly after the attack. McIntyre reported: "From my close up inspection their is no evidence of an airline crash, no large debris, no wing, tail sections or fuselage". McIntyre later fully recanted his "my close - up inspection" report, making the bizarre and ludicrous counter-claim his "close-up" description on live television was taken out of context because he was quoting somebody else at the site (see McIntyre's recant). Interestingly this critical live eye-witness account has never been re-aired (unedited) on commercial television. Neither was this first-hand account addressed or 'debunked' by Popular Mechanics. (Jamie McIntyre news report CNN

Captain Russ Wittenburg former US Air-force Pilot and Commercial Pilot

Harvard Law scholar Cass Sunstein, with subordinate collaborator  Adrian Vermeule, published a symposium on conspiracy theories in the Journal of Political Philosophy 2009 (V.17:2, pp 202-227).  The full title of Sunstein's 'debunking effort' is Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures. (hyper-link to article).

The undeclared agenda of Sunstein's paper was to endorse the official government 9/11 narrative of a band of ruthless bumbling Islamic fundamentalists, armed with nothing more than box-cutters, being entirely responsible for the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks. Simultaneously  Sunstein's explicit  objective was to support government infiltration of "sealed" (Sunstein 2009) conspiracy theory groups to dissolve and disunite the same with counter-information or "information cascades" (ibid) in favour of benevolent and pious 'democratic' governments.

Not unlike Chertoff's original piece of bunkum, Sunstein's publication is so full of holes, it could be used as a colander to rinse lettuce leaves.  The propagandist bias, the ethical and logical contradictions, the wanton disregard for reality, the 'convenient omission' of facts and the overall amateur nature of the composition is breath-taking, more so, that this piece of fawning and fantastical diatribe was published in a 'once' esteemed journal for social sciences. These defects are exacerbated by the author's own ethnic and career incentives, a blatant conflict of interest not declared by the Jewish American academic.  

The prevailing conspiracy theory that 9/11 was a joint Israel and US false-flag operation, a suspicion, which in spite of Sunstein's absurdly transparent attempt to dispel, is gaining traction daily. "Consider" (a command phrase used repeatedly throughout the author's pseudo science on conspiracies) the undeclared fact Sunstein is himself a Jew possessing therefore  an obvious racial, political (Zionist) and cultural interest, if not bias in deflecting 9/11 suspicion away from Israel. Additionally, Sunstein's multiple lucrative 'policy' contracts with the same United States government he seeks to exculpate, if not canonise,  cannot be overlooked.

The debunking efforts by minion Zionist authors 
are riddled with holes, synonymous with a colander.
When the Pentagon attack is reviewed within a tactical framework, the narrative of a commercial airliner piloted into the side of the building further unravels. The official story goes something like this: without being challenged, the hijackers enter Washington DC airspace , undertake a pointless though extremely cumbersome loop of the Capitol to eventually strike the rear of the Pentagon, smashing into an external wall, causing relatively minor damage.

In real life, Islamic hijackers bent on harming the USA would have executed their mission very differently, for example: instead of striking the Pentagon, the primary target would have been the Whitehouse - a Boeing 757 jet smashing into the Whitehouse would irrevocably decimate the historic building, and in turn destroy the icon of anglo - American Judea-Christian supremacy and culture, (including the potential of killing the POTUS). The same could be posited for the United States Congress, an especially easy surface target with its massive beaming dome, situated around the corner. 

Alternatively, if the Pentagon was really a target for the hijackers, then instead of striking this 5 ring deep 'asset' from behind, the 'weaponized plane' should have been directed toward the main entrance of the asset, or even of more strategic or 'terroristic' value, towards the inner rings of the building. Instead the plane was crashed into the outer E ring, a site which had recently been under repair and thus partially unoccupied. This same innocuous site or "Wedge One" was reputed to accommodate auditors investigating the "unaccounted" 2.3 trillion dollars from the defence budget, which Rumsfeld coincidentally announced the day before on the 10 September 2001.

The dastardly hijackers literally had a bonanza of targets with devastating magnitude at their disposal that morning. Inexplicably, the ruthless scheming 'Arabs' chose to forgo the Whitehouse (and the POTUS), CIA Headquarters, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon inner rings and executive lobby to pointlessly conduct an incredibly difficult flight manoeuvre by circumventing the Capitol, allegedly  knocking down street lamps along the way, to attack an insignificant Pentagon rear exterior wall. 

Instead of crashing into the 'rings' or main lobby to cause maximum carnage,
the hijackers inexplicably preferred an irrelevant exterior rear wall - the "outer E ring"

A final word on 'strategic terrorism'. Assuming the concoction 19 box-cutting maniacal warriors were real, and were 'devious' enough to simultaneously commandeer 4 commercial airliners, would not these same American hating 'demons' steer all 4 weaponized planes to Washington DC to then literally cripple the military and political nerve centre of the USA?

Why bother with replaceable structures of commerce, when 'irreplaceable' military, cultural and political assets could have been obliterated within the space of 2 hours.

Not only were the laws of physics, including Isaac Newton Laws of Motion, rewritten that day, common sense too, it seems, was redefined.

No Plane Theory, CGI, Composites, Holograms and Drones

     To understand US foreign policy, first learn Israel's defence policy (Author 2016).

Prior Knowledge Indicates Complicity
In his recent 2015 Texas lecture, Christopher Bollyn, studiously illustrates to an audience how Zionist American Jews possessed near total command of the Bush Administration prior to, during and, crucially, post 911 (see also Canadian Author, Greg Felton's publication: The Host and the Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America).  Bollyn unpacks this Zionist infiltration or ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) noting the decision makers in all the agencies involved in addressing the 911 disaster were Zionists and their sympathisers. For example, the 9/11 Commission was 'managed' by executive director and Zionist, Philip Zelikow, while the Attorney General's department, the same agency responsible for quietly repatriating the notorious "Dancing Israelis", (the actual bomb planters),was headed by another virulent Zionist, Michael Chertoff.  

In the same lecture, Bollyn observes that on the morning of 9/11, over 3000 Israelis were warned,  by way of a SMS dispatch transmitted by an Israeli based telco, (ODIGO) to 'take the day off' from both the WTC and the Pentagon. This monumental claim of prior knowledge first appeared within weeks following the disaster, yet no hard data has, at least to this Author's knowledge, issued to substantiate the allegation beyond 'gossip'. Unfortunately, Bollyn makes the mistake of loosely parroting this vast indictment without supporting the accusation with data. Despite this lapse in academic objectivity, Bollyn's presentation is an excellent starting point for those Readers wishing to grasp the enormity and complexity of the Zionist infiltration and domination of the US Government. Bollyn's profound analysis is the accumulation of his research and others, across a span of  some 14 years. It is not to be dismissed lightly.

The historical truth the Bush administration, along with its recent POTUS predecessors, (and currently the Obama administration), was ubiquitously  penetrated by Zionists, many with dual American and Israeli citizenship, is indisputable. It is thus re-asserted, only 2 types of observers would seek to refute such an abundantly and accessible documented fact(1) collaborators (2) crackpots.  

Luckily, Lucky Larry and his 2 off-spring did NOT turn up for work at WTC on 9/11. By Silverstein's own admission they were delayed or diverted for skin-care appointments!

They Can’t Break the Internet
Let’s face it, if Kim Kardashian’s premium mammaries could not break the Internet then what chance does a cabal of ageing reptilian and  contiguous Neo-Cons and Zionists stand.

Against tradition, the popularity of internet exposes on 9/11, rather than abating,  continues to excel some 15 years after the event. New 9/11 cyber analyses are being added daily to an existing  canon of thousands. This unrelenting and cumulative trend does not bode well for the real league of conspirators, and, it is this Author's view, within the near future, Congress will be 'compelled' to legislate against the publication of 'conspiracy theories' on the behest of the genuine perpetrators. 

Alternatively major internet media platforms, Facebook and YouTube among others, under Establishment duress,  will 'self-police'. Thus with a click of a cursor, the most popular internet media platforms will purge all existing 9/11 'conspiracy theory' media, while prohibiting the posting of new material. This Author predicts 2017 as the time-frame for the implementation of dramatic internet  restrictions and censorship. National Security 'sexed up' with terrorism will be cited as the principal reason for curtailing on-line "free-speech".

UPDATE: This censorship prediction has partially materialised with the recent production of the hysterical narrative of "fake news" and the declaration by numerous media empires, (google and facebook) along with Trump, to prosecute a war against fake news. It is only a matter of time before 9/11 conspiracy narratives are relegated to the canon of "fake news" and deleted (Panaia, 18 February 2017).

Fortunately for humanity, the Internet is not yet  monopolised or neutralised, leaving the conspirators few options for retaliation. One option, distraction and diversion, stands out amongst the rest, and it is this subject on which this essay will draw to a close.

There are many ways to distract the community, however, by far the most effective strategy is the creation and inflation of fear. Fear mongering has long been peddled throughout the USA. Recall the WMD fiasco where entire nations of people were scammed by the likes of G.W. Bush and Tony Blair, the consequence of which has seen the Iraqi civilisation haemorrhaging ever since. Such psych warfare tactics – distraction and diversion – are the conspirator’s most reliable weapon against an already semi-comatosed population. In order for the real 911 perpetrators to remain under the radar of mass-awareness, a program of distraction must constantly be deployed against the collective consciousness. Domestic false-flags and foreign invasions will retard the analytical skills of any nation. People will simply be too pre-occupied and outraged with the eruption of the latest false-flag incident or elevation of the “National Terrorism Advisory System” to re-focus on a massive traitorous crime, whose psychological impact continues to fade with the passage of time.

Wildcard - The Internet
In summary, the immediate future for the USA looks bleaker. If this analysis is correct, many more false-flag eruptions, accompanied by bellicose moron politicians aiming to ‘liberate enemy-regimes’ by bombing the same back to the stone-age, are sketched on a blood red horizon.  Therefore the principal objective of the true 911 architects is to overwhelm and suffocate the urge for critical thinking triggered by alternative media realms, such as YouTube, Facebook and WikiLeaks. This objective will be achieved by the dissemination of more fear and xenophobia through repeated gruesome acts of domestic carnage, whether staged or otherwise, and the increased demonization and destruction of the Muslim world.

Panaia 2015 International
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Verdict in 9/11 insurance battle

WTC leaseholder is depending on the payout to rebuild

Phil Hirschkorn and Jonathan Wald
Friday, April 30, 2004 Posted: 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) 
Rescue workers stand in front of the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 27, 2001.
• In-Depth:  Sept. 11 Memorial
 September 11 attacks
NEW YORK (CNN) -- A jury handed some bad news Thursday to the man leasing the World Trade Center site with a verdict that denied him double insurance payments.
Larry Silverstein signed the lease just six weeks before the WTC's twin towers were brought to the ground by terrorists in the September 11, 2001, attacks.
Silverstein contended that the two jetliners crashing into the twin towers about 15 minutes apart should be considered two separate events, which would allow him to collect the maximum from the insurers for each tower, as much as $7 billion.
The insurance companies insisted that the attacks should be considered a single event, cutting in half the amount Silverstein can collect.
After a three-month trial, jurors decided Thursday that the attacks should be considered a single event for nine insurance companies, which together are responsible for at least $1 billion in coverage.
But the 11-person jury could not reach a verdict on Silverstein's dispute with Swiss Reinsurance Co. -- the largest of the World Trade Center's insurers, responsible for 25 percent of its coverage.
U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey accepted the partial verdict but told the jury to continue deliberating on the dispute involving Swiss Reinsurance, known as Swiss Re.
Silverstein, 72, leased the World Trade Center from its owner, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in July 2001. The 99-year lease requires him to rebuild and he is depending on the insurance payout to do that.
The government agency overseeing the project, the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., has also factored the payout into its plans.

'Series of similar causes'

Silverstein has been chosen to develop Freedom Tower, a 2 million-square-foot, 1,776-foot-tall skyscraper, and plans as many as four other office buildings on the site. He is already building a 52-story office tower where World Trade Center 7 stood until it collapsed in the wake of the attacks.
After leasing the complex, Silverstein negotiated with 24 insurance companies for a maximum coverage of $3.55 billion per catastrophic occurrence. However, the agreements had not been finalized before 9/11.
The trial's central issue was whether a document drafted by Silverstein's insurance broker in June 2001 was in effect at the time of the attacks.
That form classified damages as a single occurrence if they were attributable to "one cause or a series of similar causes."
Silverstein contended that document had been supplanted by a second form which did not include a definition of "occurrence," opening the door for collecting separately for each tower. But attorney for Swiss Re, Barry Ostrager, called that a "fanciful claim."
The jury ruled that nine of Silverstein's insurers were bound by the first document, relieving them from double damages, but that three others were not.
A second trial will be held to decide if the insurance policies of those three companies, along with six other insurers not involved in the trial, allow Silverstein to collect the maximum payout once or twice.
An appeals court found last year that three other insurers were not bound by the June 2001 document and owed Silverstein $112 million, the amount payable for a single occurrence. Two other companies settled with Silverstein for $400 million.
Ken Erickson, a lawyer for Lloyds Syndicate, one of the nine firms who won in court Thursday, said he was "gratified with the verdict."
"It was a very diligent and very attentive jury over a long trial. We tried to present a straightforward story to them, which we think was the necessary basis on which they resolved this case," he said.
Howard Rubeinstein, a spokesman for Silverstein, declined to comment on the case until the jury finishes its deliberations on Swiss Re.
The nine firms relieved of double damages by the jury Thursday were Lloyds Syndicate, Wurtembergische, Federal Insurance, Employers Insurance of Wausau, Great Lakes Reinsurance, QBE International Insurance Ltd., Lexington Insurance Company, Copenhagen Reinsurance and Houston Casualty.


Developer Sues to Win $12.3 Billion in 9/11 Attack

Published: March 27, 2008
Larry A. Silverstein, who has won nearly $4.6 billion in insurance payments to cover his losses and help him rebuild at the World Trade Center site, is seeking $12.3 billion in damages from airlines and airport security companies for the 9/11 attack.
Mr. Silverstein, the developer of ground zero, sought the damages, whose amount was not previously known, in a claim filed in 2004, that says the airlines and airport security companies failed to prevent terrorists from hijacking the planes used to destroy the buildings.
His case was consolidated last week with similar, earlier lawsuits brought by families of some victims of the attack and by other property owners. But in seeking $12.3 billion, he is by far the biggest claimant in the litigation.
The size of Mr. Silverstein’s claim was revealed last week at a status conference on the litigation in United States District Court in Manhattan.
The claims by the parties involved total about $23 billion, and Mr. Silverstein’s claim for such a large chunk could jeopardize claims from other businesses and property owners, according to defense lawyers. A lawyer for the victims’ families, Donald Migliori, said he was confident that their claims would not be affected because they would take priority over the property claims.
A lawyer for the airlines, Desmond Barry, said that if Mr. Silverstein won his claim, he could push the total claims beyond the amount of insurance that the airlines and security companies have available. “There ain’t that much insurance,” Mr. Barry said.
The federal government has capped the liability at the amount of available insurance, to avoid bankrupting the airlines. The exact amount of insurance available is still being explored in the court proceedings.
Richard A. Williamson, a lawyer for Mr. Silverstein, said at the court conference on March 18 that Mr. Silverstein was seeking damages to compensate him for continuing losses at the site. Mr. Silverstein, through his company, World Trade Center Properties, has a 99-year lease, worth $3.2 billion, on four buildings at the site, including the fallen twin towers. He signed the lease in July 2001, just six weeks before the attack.
Since the attack, Mr. Silverstein has been paying rent to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on towers that no longer exist, his lawyer told the judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein. Mr. Williamson said that his client had also lost rental income from about 400 tenants.
Dara McQuillan, a spokesman for Mr. Silverstein, said that the $12.3 billion represented $8.4 billion for the replacement value of the destroyed buildings and $3.9 billion in other costs, including $100 million a year in rent to the Port Authority and $300 million a year in lost rental income, as well as the cost of marketing and leasing the new buildings.
Mr. Barry, speaking for the airlines, contended that Mr. Silverstein had been more than compensated by the nearly $4.6 billion insurance settlement, reached after almost six years of litigation. He argued that Mr. Silverstein was entitled to the market value of the property, which he said had been established by the $3.2 billion lease.
Judge Hellerstein expressed skepticism about Mr. Silverstein’s claim, and asked why he had not stemmed his losses by just “walking away.”
Turning to Mr. Williamson, Judge Hellerstein asked: “What’s the nature of your recovery?”
To which Mr. Williamson replied, “For damages suffered by the events of 9/11, not value. Damages.”
Mr. Williamson said that the lease required Mr. Silverstein to rebuild and to continue paying rent.
“And so I’m putting to you if you walked away from the lease, you would lose the value of the lease,” Judge Hellerstein said. “Would you have a further obligation to pay money?”
Mr. Williamson replied, “You have to examine that question. “But to me that’s not the test of what are our damages.”
Judge Hellerstein pressed Mr. Williamson to put a dollar figure on the damages. “I don’t think it’s necessary to know the precise amount,” the judge said. “I think some order of magnitude would be appropriate.”
When Mr. Williamson balked, Mr. Barry jumped in.
“I think their claim is $12.3 billion,” he said.
“Plus prejudgement interest,” Mr. Williamson confirmed.
To which the judge tartly replied, “We shouldn’t forget that.”
Judge Hellerstein ordered Mr. Silverstein to provide more documentation of his claim, or risk losing it.
Mr. McQuillan, the spokesman for Mr. Silverstein, said on Wednesday the developer felt both an obligation under his lease and a moral obligation to rebuild, rather than walk away. He said that the insurance companies who paid him would be repaid if he prevails.
Plaintiffs also revealed that after a spate of settlements, there are seven wrongful death cases and two injury cases remaining, out of more than 90 filed.
Those who sued represent just a small fraction of the casualties on Sept. 11. Most of the victims of the attack and their families chose to take the compensation offered through a federal fund, forgoing their right to sue.
Mr. Migliori, the lawyer for victims’ survivors, said he believed that the claimants with property-damage claims — including Mr. Silverstein and some insurance companies trying to recoup their payments — would allow the death and injury cases to get priority in payment of damages.
The judge declined to set any trial date in the case, saying that it would be “fictitious,” but set a fact-finding deadline at the end of this year. Any trials in the case appear to be more than a year away.


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